Finding the best is not easy with the many CBD brands dealing in CBD gummies. This article helps you know the top ten CBD gummies in 2022 and discusses their selection criterion.

weed pen are a great way to feel CBD benefits. They are sweet and delicious and come in many options. You can find CBD gummies featuring different colors, flavors, strengths, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to have many options to choose from. While the many options are great, it also means having a rough time choosing your gummies, and this is where this article comes in handy. It helps you know the best CBD gummies in 2022 and later shares the criterion for finding them. For a start, let’s see the best 10 gummies for you.

i.                 JustCBD Gummies

JustCBD is one of the best brands whose CBD gummies you cannot leave behind in 2022. The company offers many options for CBD gummies in colors, flavors, shapes, strengths, and dietary needs. Regarding strengths, you can enjoy CBD gummies in 250 mg CBD concentration, and others are up to 3000 mg CBD concentrated. The gummies vary in potency, from 10 mg to 33 mg or more. The brand offers sugar-free gummies prepared without the normal sugar that many may not want in their diet but still features sugar-free alternatives, so they are just as sweet. All CBD gummies by JustCBD are 3rd party tested for quality, purity, heavy metals, and pesticides, and you can view the 3rd party test results on the company’s website to rest assured of the quality of your gummies. We love JustCBD gummies for their quality, strength, and the many options they feature. They are made with US pure organic hemp, so rest assured of taking in the right components as you enjoy these CBD gummies. The brand’s website is detailed, and you can know everything about it when you visit the official page. If you are looking for a brand to buy quality CBD Sweets and save on purchases, you should certainly consider JustCBD.

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ii.               SundayScaries CBD Gummies

Are you afraid of Monday hangovers? Many are and attest that SundayScaries CBD gummies are a great way to manage them. Started by two friends, normal people who can go through stress and hangover like you and me, the brand aims to help people eliminate hangovers and manage stress. The brand’s slogan is ‘to take a chill pill.’ Of course, stress may extend beyond Monday and affect you like every day of the week, and these sweet edibles will help you. Each package comprises 10 mg strong CBD gummies. The full package is 200 mg CBD concentrated, meaning there are 20 gummies therein. Each gummy is formulated with vitamins B12 and D3, so you can expect to get more than just CBD from them. We like SundayScaries gummies because, besides the quality, they come with free shipping. When you buy CBD gummies worth $69 and above, you can get free shipping to any of your US locations. Besides, the brand’s 3rd party tests all its CBD gummies and posts the results online so you can rest assured of the quality of the gummies you are buying. They are also organic and prepared from non-GMO US high-quality hemp.

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iii.             Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Gummies

Are you here for the best CBD gummies in 2022? You can buy Pure Hemp CBD gummies which will certainly not let you down. The brand has been operating in the CBD space since 2015, and with more than 6 years of experience in the CBD space, you can trust the brand. It offers 600 mg cannabinoid (450 mg CBD and 150 mg CBN) gummies, each delivering 15 mg CBD and 5 mg CBN. These gummies are formulated for sleep, and many take them to sleep better, although more research is needed to establish the role of CBD gummies in sleep. Besides, you can buy the 750 mg CBD full-spectrum gummies, which are more potent, offering 25 mg CBD per gummy. The full-spectrum CBD gummies have more than CBD; they feature terpenes, flavonoids, a little THC, and other cannabinoids. Yet, the THC percentage does not exceed 0.3% per dry weight, so you can rest assured of not getting high from the gummies. Did you know that you can save a few bucks every time you buy CBD gummies from Pure Hemp Botanicals? The brand offers free shipping for orders above $75, so you can save on each of your purchases above this threshold.

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  1. We The Hemp CBD Gummies

We The Hemp offers high-quality CBD gummies you can take to explore CBD oil in a sweet and flavored way. The gummy package is 750 mg concentrated, with 30 gummies, each delivering 25 mg of CBD to the body. Thus, they are strong enough to result in the expected results and offer lasting effects. Besides offering 3rd party test results for its gummies, We The Hemp uses high-quality American hemp to make incredible CBD creams, edibles, oils, capsules, and pet products. In case of any questions, you can post them on the company’s website, and its 24/7 customer support ensures you get the answers to your questions. The We The Hemp CBD gummies are isolate-based, so you don’t get high from CBD. Besides, they are made from CO2-extracted CBD and infused using nanotechnology, so they are easily absorbed into your system. The gummies are 3rd party tested for quality and purity and made from pure organic hemp. The site shows that its Cannabidiol are specially formulated to help you manage muscle soreness, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and cognitive health.

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v.               FAB CBD Gummies

Are you looking for quality CBD gummies that meet your needs and can be bought affordably? Shop today with FABCBD and have nothing to regret about. The company offers free shipping for orders above $99, so you can save a few bucks whenever your order exceeds this threshold. Besides, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to return CBD gummies should they not meet your expectations. There are two CBD gummy options; sleep gummies, featuring 12.5 mg each, and anytime gummies, boasting 25 mg of CBD each. The two types of CBD gummies are strong enough to result in the desired effects and last long. They are isolated in CBD formulation, so you can take them and not fear getting high. The 2,500+ positive reviews on the brand’s website show how much clients are satisfied with FABCBD gummies, all the more why you may want to try them. The company aims to offer products that comfortably support your system naturally, and through its 3rd party test results, it assures you of the quality of its CBD gummies.

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vi.             Palm Organix CBD Gummies

Palm Organix has been reviewed by the Ministry of Hemp USA, Leafly, and Leafbuyer and is one of the best CBD gummy companies whose gummies you will not leave behind this year. The high-quality CBD gummies are naturally made, and you get free shipping on all of them, regardless of their worth, to your door. The gummies are sustainably farmed, and the secure checkout and 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee make everything complete. A 200 mg concentrated CBD gummy package features 20 gummies, each 10 mg strong, and potent enough to result in desired effects. We love the gummies coming in two options; vegan and THC-free, meeting your different needs as you enjoy them. The THC-free gummies are broad-spectrum CBD formulated, so you benefit from many cannabis compounds but no THC, so you will not get high from them. Besides, for all orders after subscription, you get up to 20% off, allowing you to save a few bucks per purchase.

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vii.           Chill Frog CBD Gummies

Are you finding it challenging to manage the day’s stress? Chill Frog CBD gummies are here for you. They are sweet and flavored, making a great way to enjoy CBD oil. Chill Frog CBD gummies feature two options; ZZZs Sleep gummies, which are 750 mg CBD concentrated and offer 25 mg CBD per gummy, and the Chill CBD gummies for calm, equally offering 25 mg CBD per gummy. Whether you want to get a good night’s sleep or need relaxation, Chill Frog CBD gummies are the best for you. The sleep CBD gummies feature citrus flavors and are infused with melatonin to help you sleep better. The site and the CBD line were launched by a group of friends seeking to bring a chill in the stressed world, so you can trust them. We love that Chill Frog CBD gummies are GMP-compliant and feature full-spectrum CBD oil, allowing you to reap more than just CBD from them- flavonoids, terpenes, and extra cannabinoids. They are prepared with pure USA hemp and feature a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the Farm Bill-complaint gummies have a free shipping offer for all orders above $75, so you can look forward to saving a few bucks on every purchase.

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viii.         Glee CBD Gummies

Glee CBD company takes pride in offering CBD gummies with quality, consistency, and safety as the key goals. The brand aims at supporting overall well-being naturally with plants and prepares its CBD gummies in an FDA-certified facility. The brand offers a 240 mg CBD gummy tin or a 900 mg CBD gummy tab, featuring 8- or 30-count CBD gummies, each 30 mg potent. They are potent enough to result in desired effects, last longer, and kick in fast. Glee CBD gummies are 3rd party tested for quality, and you can search online for the 3rd party test results before placing any order. Besides, all orders are shipped freely across the US, allowing you to save a few bucks per purchase. You can enjoy the CBD gummies in full- or broad-spectrum CBD formulations to enjoy extra compounds besides CBD, with and without THC.

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ix.             Nirvana CBD Gummies

If you are here for the best CBD gummies to try in 2022, you should not leave out Nirvana CBD gummies. Launched in 2017, the brand boasts about 5 years in the hemp space of offering quality CBD products, including gummies. According to its site, it aims to help people attain relaxation naturally. It deals in quality, premium, 3rd party tested CBD gummies but also offers softgels, oils, topicals, and pet products. Each gummy is 25 mg CBD strong and comes in single (25 mg CBD concentration), 5-pack (125 mg CBD concentration), and mega-pack (500 mg CBD concentration) with 20 gummies. They feature a broad-spectrum CBD formulation, allowing you to get the most from terpenes and the additional hemp compounds therein. The gummies taste fruity and have 0.0% THC, so you can rest assured of not getting high from them. Nirvana offers CBD gummies in retail and wholesale terms and free shipping for all orders above $50, so you can rest assured of saving a few bucks if you meet this threshold. With honesty as the core value, the brand does its best to offer quality CBD gummies, with which you cannot get anything wrong.

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x.               Joy Organics CBD Gummies

Joy Organics is one of the reputable US CBD brands. Its history traces back to Joy Smith, a grandma and a humanitarian who found therapy in CBD. She would struggle with sleep issues and found little success with CBD, most brands having disappointed. With this, she was inspired to launch Joy Organics, a CBD brand built on compassion and comfort. The company’s core values are excellence, innovation, and service, and it sources its hemp from Colorado. Its broad-spectrum CBD gummies have 0.0% THC, allowing you to explore the many cannabis compounds in them without getting you high. The 750 mg CBD gummy pack features 30 gummies, each 25 mg potent and strong enough to kick off the desired effects and last long. The brand offers free, carbon shipping for all orders above $50, allowing its clients to save some bucks on every purchase. Besides, there are 30 mg CBD/CBN gummies formulated with 3 mg melatonin to help you sleep better.

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Know CBD

Before trying any CBD gummies, you need to understand CBD. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis. It can come from many cannabis plants but is majorly extracted from hemp. It is many people’s cannabinoid, or one of the many active compounds in cannabis, especially because Watt & Karl (2017) found it therapeutic, and many other studies do. CBD has become part of the mainstream, and many enjoy it. It comes in three formulations; isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum CBD, depending on composition- pure CBD or CBD with extra cannabis compounds, with and without THC. One way to explore the benefits of CBD is to take CBD gummies, which have been the focus of this article.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are sweet, flavored, gelatin- or pectin-based edible products infused with CBD oil. Many who cannot put up with the bitterness of CBD oil opt for CBD gummies. They come in many options- sizes, colors, flavors, and strengths; you only need to settle for what you like the most. CBD gummies are based on gelatin or pectin, depending on the type. Gelatin-based CBD gummies are non-vegan, while pectin forms the base of vegan CBD gummies. This article focused on the best CBD gummies in 2022, and the next section focuses on how to find them.

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies

With many CBD companies in the hemp space and each claiming to offer the best, it can be challenging to know what to settle for. If you are looking for the best CBD gummies in your country, you may wish to research the most reputable and trusted CBD companies. You might be able to understand it better with the help of this example. In Canada, you can find CBD sellers such as Canada Cannabis Dispensary (click here to visit their site) online that tend to provide quality CBD products. When looking for the highest quality CBD gummies, it’s worthwhile to read customer reviews and research the company in question. You can also read a few more tips below in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a CBD company;

  1. Extraction methods; there are many ways of stripping CBD from hemp surfaces, and we work with brands mostly using clean CO2 extraction to strip CBD from hemp surfaces.
  2. Source of CBD; our CBD sources are high-quality, organic, non-GMO hemp grown in soils with no contaminants or pesticides.
  3. 3rd party testing; with the many CBD brands in the hemp space, the only way to be sure of your CBD gummy quality is to work with companies that run 3rd party tests and offer the results for these tests.
  4. Farming practices; how hemp is farmed influences the quality of CBD gummies. We focus on CBD gummies made with high-quality hemp, mostly farmed under pure organic practices.
  5. Purity and quality; the sole aim of looking at 3rd party test results is to know how pure CBD gummies are and what quality they are.
  6. Strengths; CBD gummies, like other CBD products, vary in strengths. As you settle for your gummies, work with brands offering the right strength for you.


This article focuses on the top 10 CBD gummies you want to try this year. They feature isolate-based, full- or broad-spectrum CBD formulations, and you can always pick on the CBD type you like the most. Picking the best CBD gummies is not easy, considering the many brands in the hemp space. This article not only shares a list of the best CBD gummies but also helps you to know what to focus on as you choose the gummies.


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