2 Ways to Clean Windows

If you are wondering what the best way to clean windows is, then you will find here a quick guide. Firstly you should be aware that squeegees and their cleaners are only designed to clean windows inside your home, not outside. However there are some external cleaners that can also be used on windows. The two main types of cleaners are water based and spirits based.

One way to clean dirty windows is by using an alcohol wipe or an alcohol mixture. A wipe will do a really good job on dust and dirt particles, but will not be able to pick up any liquid. An alcohol mixture will have a far better effect because it will attract and trap the odour associated with dirty windows, as well as the moisture in them. This technique works on greasy sills as well as dirty windows. If you do not have an alcohol mixture, you can choose to buy distilled water beforehand and stock them for cleaning. When you notice laboratory equipment and all, you can see how they clean most of the glassware using distilled water solution. They have the property to remove dirt from your glass windows.

Another simple technique is to use a spray bottle filled with hot water and a very little amount of dish washing liquid. Apply the dishwashing liquid to the glass surface of your windows and then apply the hot water and wipe off the window with a squeegee. A spray bottle is just as handy and you can either use it with hot water to spray the liquid or you can use it with cold water to freeze the liquid onto the glass. When you spray the mixture onto the windows it seals the moisture within the glass and acts like a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt and grime. This process does not work so well on shiny white windows.

Another alternative for window cleaning solution is to mix one part warm water with three parts white vinegar. You can use this mixture by adding the vinegar onto the warm water, applying it to the glass surface and wiping it with a squeegee. Warm water is better for glass surfaces because it removes any loose dirt and grime. If you find that the mixture is too runny, add more vinegar until it brings out the most luster. White vinegar will work better on dirty yellowish colored windows.

The best way to clean windows in high traffic areas may be to add a small amount of baking soda to your regular cleaning products. Baking soda acts as an alkaline agent. This will neutralize hard water deposits and unclog them. It also helps remove odors as well as to absorb liquids so you do not have to use as much cleaning product to get the job done. Once you’ve used a baking soda solution on your windows for a while they will typically look better than ever.

There are many other options for how to clean windows but these two methods work very well. If you’re short on time or simply don’t want to take the time to thoroughly clean your windows using ammonia based products you should try one of these two solutions. They will work as well as a commercial cleaner but they are much cheaper and much less damaging to your windows.

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