5 easy to keep vegetables to get for your first teak garden planter

One of the activities that many have taken up since lockdown has been gardening. This hobby is usually viewed as quite a time consuming, and whilst some upfront investing is required (both in terms of time and money) the rewards tangible and intangible rewards are very attractive.

For many, the idea of gardening is not overly attractive as it is viewed as quite difficult, particularly for the newcomer. Many also think that a big garden is required to properly achieve adequate healthy plants. Both of these ideas are incorrect. Investing in a teak garden planter will give you

 In today‚Äôs blog, we aim to help dispel this notion, by providing you with 5 of the best beginner plants to invest in for your garden planter.

  1. Salad leaves

If you are looking to get more bang for your buck when it comes to your salads, planting various salad leave varieties is a great place to start. These work well in a teak garden planter as you have greater control over the soil.

Plant these seeds in the summer and your garden planter will be full of leaves ready for harvest within three weeks. This is a great way to test your gardening abilities with a quick turn around and the plants will produce salad leaves until late autumn. If you do use a teak garden planter for this vegetable, make sure you keep an eye on the weather as you will not have the benefit of good soil drainage and the salad leaves could become flooded.

  1. Peas

If you want to plant some vegetables in your garden planter that require little maintenance, peas are a bit of a no-brainer. These versatile crops need planting in March to June and can be harvested around 2-3 months after. SMake sure you support these vegetables with canes in your garden planter. These peas will blow any frozen supermarket brand out of the water!

  1. Runner beans

Runner beans are another great plant to add to your garden planter if you are looking for some stress-free gardening. These crops need to be sowed from April to July ready for harvest 2 months after planting. As with peas, make sure you use a cane or support frame to give these plants the direction they need. When tending to your garden planter, make sure you keep these plants well-watered throughout the summer months.

  1. Tomatoes

These are some of the most popular vegetables to plant in the spring. These plants also require a little more room to consider that when deciding whether or not to get them for your garden planter. These crops need to be sowed in the garden planter from February to April, ready to be harvested from July to October.

Get a good garden planter and soil for your crops

The environment that the vegetables are grown in is just as important as regular sunlight and watering. Make sure you keep on top of the basics and invest in good compost/soil to go in a good garden planter. This will increase the chances of you having a fruitful harvest!

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