A Beginner’s Guide to American Cherry Timber

American Cherry is a popular wood for woodworkers, DIY home improvement enthusiasts, and all other kinds of timber users. It’s versatile, strong, and cost-effective.

However, it can be a bit difficult for users to figure out exactly why American Cherry is so highly sought after or what they can use it for.

So, we’ve put together this brief guide to explain the ins and outs of American Cherry timber in a beginner-friendly way.

Let’s get started.


As a medium-density hardwood, American Cherry is strong, durable, and capable of handling a fairly hefty load in load-bearing uses. However, it has several other key characteristics, too.


The first characteristic you’ll notice is its color variation. The outer layer of sapwood is a light color resembling most other standard woods. It’s softer and easier to work with, and it can be used for several standard projects.

However, the heartwood is a light reddish-brown. This is the part most woodworkers are after due to its unique coloring and durability. The heartwood can range from a light reddish-brown to almost pinkish.


A unique characteristic sought after by woodworkers with a penchant for rustic projects is American Cherry’s ability to grow darker with age.

As American Cherry is exposed to sunlight, it grows darker. Indoor furniture exposed to light through windows will grow darker in the exposed areas, outdoor furniture will quickly age more uniformly, and every piece will develop its unique character.

This is great for some projects, but if you don’t want your project to age like that, make sure to treat it properly or keep it out of sunlight.

Ease of Use

American Cherry is very easy to work with. It has a closed-grain, and its medium-density makes it fairly easy to cut with either hand tools or power tools. It’s also resistant to tear-outs and other issues that more expensive woods have. So, it’s great for beginners.

How it is sourced?

The American Cherry Timber is obtained through a process of harvesting forests that are specifically grown for this purpose. Initially, saplings of the American Cherry tree are planted over a large area of fertile land. Once the trees have reached maturity, a team of Loggers is hired to cut them down and transport them to sawmills. The logs then arrive at the market and are purchased by woodworkers and furniture manufacturers from timber sellers.

What It’s Used for?

American Cherry is used for a multitude of projects, but it’s usually used for instruments, veneers, and furniture. It’s also one of the primary woods used for flooring due to its price, appearance, and durability. Many hardwood flooring alpharetta services and similar services near you could provide you with ethically sourced, neatly sanded solid American Cherry flooring, should you ever need it for a renovation project.


American Cherry isn’t overly expensive. It typically costs anywhere between $2 and $8 per square foot, and only the most premium options tend to go above that price range. With that being said, the cheapest options are usually less suitable for projects that are meant to be aesthetically pleasing.

Tips for Using American Cherry

  • Use natural oils to finish: Natural oil finishes take quite a while to apply, but they’ll leave your American Cherry projects with a beautiful natural look and rich colors.
  • Sand before finishing: When you’ve completed a project, sand it down to 220 grit before applying your finishing oil. This will leave the project with a smooth surface, and the oil will bring more of its natural grain out when it’s dried.
  • Use a good source: Don’t just pick the cheapest source for your American Cherry timber. Choose a source that can give you premium, uniform pieces to ensure your projects look amazing when they’re finished.

Buy Your American Cherry

If you want the highest quality American Cherry at competitive prices, source your timber from Timber Source. We have premium cuts of American Cherry and other highly sought-after timbers to ensure all of your projects end with beautiful, reliable results.

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