Are organic cotton products the solution to increasing waste?

With large numbers of plastic products still ending up in our seas and oceans as well as land habitats, the public at large has started to shift towards reusable products. However, the fight for a greener more waste-free planet has many facets and a lot of different approaches are needed to help minimise the impact of excess rubbish and greenhouse pollution.

The increased demand for reusable products has led to a rise in industries producing ‘organic’ products, made from natural materials. The cotton bag fits the bill in this area. Indeed, organic cotton products, in general, have seen a rise due to the low carbon impact of producing the crop. But are all organic cotton products the answer for stopping pollution?

  1. Organic cotton bags have seriously cut down on the use of plastic bags

Single-use items are some of the worst pollutants both from a carbon and landfill perspective. They cost a lot to produce and get very little use in the long run. With more businesses opting for organic cotton bags we are now seeing fewer single-use plastic bags in our stores. This is helping to encourage lifestyle changes in customers who now have to start bringing their own reusable bags in order to avoid the charge on single-use bags and new ‘bags for life’.

  • Organic cotton clothing is more environmentally sustainable than wool and polyester

The environmental impact of our clothing is not an issue that a lot of people think about when it comes to reducing their impact, however, the carbon-intensive process of producing wool and polyester means the resulting clothing is often very bad for the environment; particularly if it is used for ‘fast fashion’ items.

Buying clothes that are made from organic cotton are not only avoiding the use of animal products, they are also often made from higher quality materials.

  • Organic cotton bags are easy to apply to other uses

In addition to the obvious uses, organic cotton bags are also good for a variety of different applications. They make good hand towels, can be used in clothing storage and can be shredded into good cleaning rags. All these are a good way to cut down on some of the standard household items that you may buy, saving you time and money.

Find high-quality organic cotton bags and clothing for your business

Organic cotton bags are inherently high-quality products. Investing inorganic bags from an expert supplier will ensure you get a product that meets both yours and your customers’ expectations.

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