Bringing Willy Wonka to Life

We’ve all marveled at the magical world of the chocolate factory from Roald Dahl’s legendary book. With a surprise around every corner, it’s no wonder the stories from that book and movie are still popular today. But have you ever wondered what it would take to bring that fantasy world to life? Well, we at Advanced Technology Services ran the numbers and calculated what it would roughly cost to bring the Chocolate Factory to life!

As you probably guessed, it’s quite an expensive feat to bring the Chocolate Factory to real life. From our estimations, simply keeping on the lights for an entire year would be upwards of $2 million. That number quickly becomes a nonfactor when you find out how much a chocolate river or flying elevator would set you back! We’re talking over $109 Million for the elevator alone. Now add that to how much a rocket will cost you. Yeah, not super feasible but hey, it’s a fairytale.

For the rest of the estimates, check out the graphic below. In total, it looks like Mr. Wonka will be looking at a grand total of $224.6 million per year. Do you think it’s worth it?

What Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Would Cost Today from Advanced Technology Services

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