Décor Ideas for a Small Space

There is this false idea out there that bigger is better. You need a bigger home to really enjoy it, right? Well, not all of us feel that way or can afford to live that way. A smaller space may fit our lifestyles better than a larger space would or maybe the budget calls for a bit of a smaller space to stay within those guidelines.

In any event, a small space does not have to be something bad. And there are more than a few ways to decorate a small space to make it fell really open and spacious for friends and family. Follow these tips for decorating a small space.

Keep Bigger Items on the Outside

If you have bigger pieces of furniture for a small space, you do not automatically have to get rid of them. Instead, take those bigger items – bookcases, couches, hutches, and the like – and put them on the exterior perimeter of the room.

Those pieces of furniture can go well with the design motif and not seem smothering if kept to perimeter walls instead of in the middle of the floor. The key is to maximize the space and putting your big furniture on the perimeter will help to achieve that.

Find Multi-Purpose Furniture

Living in smaller spaces is becoming something of a trend – think tiny houses – and with that has come a trend of furniture items that can either fold up to make space in your home or serve multiple purposes. Things like folding desks or tables can be great to give you the space you need when you aren’t using them while still providing the level of function that you need when they are unfolded.

This helps to give you options and options are always good in a smaller space. When you can simply fold it up and hide it when not in use, that allows you to maximize the space and not have to look at clutter when things are not in use.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a multi-function piece of furniture in their own right. Not only will they help to add additional light to a room, they can add the feeling of additional space as well, creating the illusion of more square footage.

Not only that, mirrors make for a great design option on walls that serve a functionality purpose. Kill two design birds with one stone by adding a large mirror or an array of smaller mirrors to your design.

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