Décor Tricks for a Beautiful Bedroom

Our bedroom is the room that we spend perhaps the most amount of time in. Yes, it is where we sleep several hours each night, but we also spend a good amount of time there unwinding before bed or just lounging around on a lazy day.

Making it a getaway or a personal sanctuary should be something that you take the time to do because it can amplify the welcoming feeling and make it feel all the more at home. There are a few things that you can do to transform your bedroom into a completely relaxing escape that has a luxurious, beautiful feel.

Go Subtle with Colors

While bold colors may be in your design motif, try going with a restful palette of soothing shades and monochromatic tones. There is a theory that you want to go with gentle hues of lavender, blue, or green to create a calm and serene setting.

Try tones like a deep pomegranate, toasty browns, or a topaz to really help set the mood of comfort and coziness. Again, the idea is to make this space as welcoming and comfortable as possible, where you can simply melt into the bed and feel at ease.

Don’t Ignore the Ceiling

We all tend to forget about the ceiling and treat it as a fifth wheel – err, wall. But when you lie in bed, the ceiling can really become something that you see far more often than you realized. You don’t have to do a ton to the ceiling but there are certainly a few different things that you can implement to bring the ceiling into the mix and tie the room together overall.

Maybe paint the ceiling a slightly lighter color or tone as the wall color. This can help to give the space a feeling of intimacy and comfort, visually lowering the ceiling.

Find Furniture That Fits

One thing that can make a bedroom feel cluttered and uncomfortable is getting furniture that is too big and clunky for the space. Finding furniture that is in tune with the rest of the room will keep the flow light and comfortable.

Don’t go with heavy, large furniture in a small space, especially if your bed is on the bigger side of the spectrum. Find pieces that will fit form and function without taking up all of the eye space. This will keep your room from feeling cluttered.

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