Home storage issues and how to resolve them

This guide is to help you resolve your home storage issues. You might be coming back to university and moving into a shared house with existing students, or you might be leaving home for the first time and moving into halls of residence. Either way, by using your space properly, you can keep your new house or flat tidy and well organised, even if it is a smaller, more crowded home than you are used to.

A great idea to gain some more space within your home is to consider renting a storage unit. Storage units are available in different sizes to accommodate all needs and are budget friendly!

Overall space

Using walls and even ceilings can help free up floor and table space in your main living area. For example, installing hanging lamps, instead of using table lamps, will clear up table space. Installing racks on the wall for magazines and other documents or files can free up floor and table space. Most chairs are stackable and so can be moved into a corner when not in use, to free up more floor space. If you like to cycle to university, you can hang up your bike on wall brackets to free up hall space.

Bedroom space

If you have bought more clothing than you realistically need, you can make the most of your limited wardrobe space by fixing hooks to the inside of your wardrobe door to allow you to hang up your clothes and shoes. You can free up more space by being inventive. For example, you can attach shower curtain hooks to coat hangers to store scarves or ties. Special hooks can be attached to the tops of doors to hang up coats and towels. Installing bed risers to the legs of your bed can provide extra space for storage boxes, which can be kept under your bed. It is recommended that you keep silica gel bags with your clothing to help prevent moisture damage.

Kitchen space

Having adequate space when cooking your meals is a perennial problem. You can keep your kitchen tidy by attaching small magnetic storage jars to the door of your fridge to free up cupboard space. Saucepans, frying pans and cooking pots can be hung up on kitchen walls. You can attach hooks under your sink to install a storage bin for your other essential kitchen items. Purchasing a chopping board that fits over your sink can also free up working space in your kitchen area.

Bathroom space

In shared accommodation the bathroom often becomes the most crowded and cluttered room in the home. This problem can be alleviated by ensuring that everyone in the house has their own rack by the mirror for storing hair grooming products. In addition to this, you can hang up containers for other items that are used daily, such as make-up accessories. Rods can be attached to the back of the bathroom door to hang-up bathroom towels.

Resolving these home storage issues can help keep you sane, as you face new challenges as you start making you own way in the world.

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