How to Look Stylish as a Woman in Business

For women in the business world, it can be difficult to skate the line between looking attractive and maintaining an appearance that reads “all business”. Many women feel that there is a line in the sand and that you must pick one or the other.

But that simply is not true. You can find that look that accentuates your natural beauty and gives you a look to be jealous of yet does not take away from the serious nature of a serious business. Finding the looks that accentuate your positives and mitigate your negatives is the key and there are a number of different looks that you can try.

Be Authentic to You

No matter what kind of fashion style that you are attempting to achieve, the key is to not conform for the sake of conforming. Try to stay true to yourself while maintaining an office-appropriate style. If colors are your thing, up your color game. Like heels? Wear your heels.

The key is to find that balance of statement pieces mixed with neutral, more conservative pieces. Moderation goes a long way here and can keep you within the guidelines of your office but have you standing out in a very positive way.

Quality of Quantity

Be smart about how you spend your money but don’t be a penny pincher. Invest in some pricier pieces that will help you to stand out. When you go cheap, it shows and you don’t want to stand out for buying less-than-quality pieces.

Invest in items that are made of more quality materials and that have better craftsmanship. You want clothing that will look good and do so for a long time to come. Going cheap will have the opposite effect and you’ll be looking for a new piece again anyway. Pay me now, pay me later.

Avoid Open-Toed Shoes

Open-toed shoes in an office setting can be very off-putting. It gives off too much of a casual vibe and even though it might not be as casual as, say, wearing flip-flops to the office, it isn’t that far off the mark. Whenever toes enter the office, it gives an unprofessional vibe.

Go with your heels, something with a good point or round, but avoid showing your toes at all costs. It gives off the wrong look and can take away from the finer portions of your outfit.

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