How to tell if you are renting a luxury serviced apartment

The word luxury gets thrown around a lot in the modern world of travel and accommodation, however, it does have a very specific meaning when it comes to serviced apartments. Whilst there are plenty of serviced apartments out there that offer good value for money to the lower end of the market, the upper end is reserved only for luxury serviced apartments offering the best.

But how can you tell if a serviced apartment is offering true luxury? In today’s article, we break down the answer to that question by giving you 5 key indications that you are looking at a luxury serviced apartment.

  • The serviced apartment has a pool, gym and other amenities on-site

Whilst there are a lot of serviced apartments out there, only a select few will offer the bonus amenities like a gym or pool but let’s face it; if you are spending considerable money on a luxury serviced apartment there are the kind of added extras you expect. In addition to being a good way to spend time while you are at the apartment, they can also be a good way to unwind after a long day exploring the city the apartment is in.

  • There are super-fast Wi-Fi and streaming services in the apartment

If you plan on streaming a lot when you are staying in a serviced apartment, you will want good Wi-Fi. Most of you might have already searched for the best vpn for firestick to binge-watch your favourite shows in the apartment. And for many, for an apartment to be considered luxurious, this Wi-Fi must not only be fast but also provided alongside some of the popular streaming services. This is a good way to tell if you are staying in a luxury serviced apartment. Most serviced apartments have great Internet connections from reputed internet providers los angeles or wherever else they are located, so definitely watch out for this amenity and tick it off on your list if you do get it!

  • The beds and furniture are well arranged and extremely comfortable

One of the other ways to tell if an apartment is luxury is through looking at the overall quality of the furnishings. If they are comfortable and appear well cleaned and maintained this is usually innkeeping with a luxury serviced apartment. Naturally the lower down you go in terms of budget, the less money will be spent on expensive furnishings.

  • Luxury serviced apartments offer a fully furnished kitchen

In addition to furnishings like sofas and beds, luxury serviced apartments should also come with a well-furnished kitchen. This will allow you to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy spending more time within the apartment. Added extras like a good freezer and coffee maker can make all the difference between a regular serviced apartment and one that is truly luxury.

  • The serviced apartments offer good security and location

Our last way to tell if you are staying in a luxury serviced apartment is the level of security it offers. If you are staying in a place with lots of valuables, you are going to feel more comfortable with good levels of security. This can include strong doors, locks and potentially surveillance as a way to keep your stay as safe as possible.

Pay close attention to online reviews when looking for a luxury serviced apartment

So, there you have it. Five ways to tell if you are staying in a luxury serviced apartment. Remember when researching online to pay close attention to online reviews and listings. This can be a great way to tell the quality of a serviced apartment and whether it meets your needs. Knowing what you are buying before you do make the decision will increase the chances of you being a satisfied guest.

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