Nourishing Your Backyard in Preparation for a Garden with Furniture

If you’ve already started growing some backyard garden plants then let those be if they flourish. Otherwise, the best way to prepare for a super healthy garden is by focusing on nothing but nourishing the land for about an entire year! You might have to contend with an uninspiring piece of land for that long, but these days time appears to go by really quickly and you’ll thank yourself for years and years, even decades to come, for having gone through this period of nourishment.

You might perhaps have just removed your lawn to make way for a totally different backyard garden, or you might perhaps have even just recently moved into a brand new house. Either way, think of it as a blank canvas on which you’re going to paint the ultimate in beautiful real-life pictures! Garden furniture is a great addition that you can make to your outside space.

Sell or give away existing plants

You can even replant them elsewhere if you wish and if you have the clearance to do so, as we’re pretty sure nobody would mind taking up possession of a plant or tree that has already started to grow well. It probably wouldn’t make any sense at all to try and uproot the bigger and older trees though, but hey, you can get some good money for full-grown trees. You simply may have to get in touch with your local tree removal companies and ask them for their assistance to remove the tree and sell it somewhere else.

If, for instance, a palm has somehow managed to grow, you can get some serious money for it. If you need to find the motivation to try and get rid of the biggest and most established of your oldest trees, try and see how much you can get for them and also think of it as just part of the process of starting completely from scratch. Also, keep in mind that old trees can pose a threat to the property. If their roots become weak, they can be at risk of falling to the ground. Hence, in such cases, it would be wise for you to opt for the removal of tree service.

The barer you can get the land to be, the better, but you’d also then have to proceed to dig up the soil so that it’s even, running down to the deepest depths (within reason), left by the removal of all the plants that are making way.

Preparing the fertile soil base

Make sure there is enough drainage to prevent flooding should it pour down heavily, without the newly exposed topsoil running off. Sparsely scattered gravel will usually do the trick as far as containing the soil, but at this point, it should look like somebody was trying to loosen the soil to perhaps finish the job of digging up a foundation off…

Whenever some organic waste comes out of your kitchen, remove the seeds or any offshoots that may germinate and throw scatter that organic waste matter all over the ground. Leaves that get blown into the mix are perfectly fine as well, so too animal waste and any organic compost that you might want to add yourself.

Gradually reintroduce the dug-up soil

As time goes by, gradually reintroduce the soil that was dug up to even out the depth of the ground, taking extra care to intricately mix it with compost-like matter that has already been prepared, like organic compost. Used tea bags work wonders as well, with the tea-leaves to be removed from the bag and mixed in with the dug-up soil that you’re gradually reintroducing.

It should take about a year to reintroduce the soil in this way, but let any watering come from a natural source like the rain.

Be careful not to plant your finger in the ground too long after that, because it might just grow as quickly as pretty much anything else you seek to plant! Once you have a great garden together all you need to do is add some garden furniture and plats to complete the look.

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