Personal Fashion Sense

Defining Your Personal Style

In a bid to effectively drive the point home, our focus this time around falls on a 90s cartoon which probably epitomised the quality of pretty much everything which existed before. Of course I’m talking about Pepper Ann, and for those of you who are too young to have watched it (or for those who missed out on a great childhood as a result of being deprived of this animated series), a simple Google search will do.

What does “Peppie,” as her deep-voiced little sister affectionately calls her, have to do with defining one’s personal style though? Well of all the episodes I remember watching, I really don’t remember any of the storylines, but what I do remember is one where she opened up her wardrobe and we got a peek inside and then suddenly it all made sense. She didn’t in fact wear the same outfit THE WHOLE TIME. Rather, she had like a week’s supply or more of the same outfit and that was all that was in the closet.

Cartoons are meant to make for a bit of fun I guess, but that’s what made the animated series of yesterday that much more valuable. They had lots of lessons to teach, which in this specific case is a lesson in the definition of one’s personal style as an extension of their character and preference – their unique character and preference. It’s a celebration of exactly what it is which makes you unique and a more-than-justified encouragement of the expression of individualism. What you have as an individual, which is unique to you, is way too valuable for it to get lost in the name fitting in or maintaining the status quo.

It’s about more than your appearance

Granted, the first point of contact anyone makes with anyone else or with any environment they enter into for that matter, is indeed a visual one. It all starts with the eyes, so as part of one’s expression of their personal style, naturally we would be talking about how you look – what you’re wearing, how you carry yourself, and perhaps what you accessorise with as well. However, the operative phrase is indeed that of “how you carry yourself,” because what it suggests is that the way you look on the outside is a reflection of the way you are on the inside and how you feel.

If you look good, you feel good, and vice-versa, but that goes beyond just the clothes you have on, entering into areas such as health and fitness.

So since it’s clear that one should indeed embark on what will be a lifelong quest to develop your personal style (you’ll stand out better that way), finding it is a matter of trying out what’s on offer and then seeing how well it works on you, personally.

There are few things in this world which will make you happier than being comfortable and confident in your own skin, your clothes and your body, and you can take things further and use your personal style to make any statement you want to make!

You don’t have to wear the exact same outfit every single day like our beloved Pepper Ann, but you will notice a certain DNA running through all the style-geared items you acquire as a matter of being drawn to them by what you believe is your preference. What it really is, is a desire for your unique, personal style to flourish.