Reasons why teak outdoor furniture is right for you

Teak is a beautiful timber, that has over the years been eagerly adopted for use in outdoor furniture and decking. We’ve taken a look at the top reasons why teak furniture is the best choice when you are thinking of purchasing outdoor furniture.

3 reasons why teak outdoor furniture is best

Unique properties

One of the key reasons why teak is good for outdoor furniture is because it contains its own natural oils and silicas. These unique natural properties mean that teak is naturally resistant toward bad substances, water, and insects.

Low maintenance and high durability

If you are looking for a low maintenance outdoor furniture, then teak is certainly the choice for you. Teak is a tropical hardwood which is incredibly durable and strong, with it even being used by craftsmen to make boats thanks to its hardiness.

Because of its strength and genetic make-up, you can leave teak furniture outside year by year without it becoming damaged or frail. You only need to clean it with warm soapy water ever now and again.

Beauty and style

Besides being strong and easy to maintain, teak outdoor furniture is also known for its beauty. Teak starts off with a natural golden honey colour, which will then fade to a silvery-grey patina colour as the furniture weathers.

Both of these colours are stunning, and will look stylish in any garden! Especially gardens with composite decking. However, if you want to keep that natural honey colour then you can treat the wood to stop it from weathering to the silver-grey colour. It just depends which option you prefer!

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