Style Ideas for Guys with Dad Bod

You have no doubt heard the term bandied about more and more these days: “dad bod.” There is a bit of a misconception as to just what constitutes a dad bod, but there is a generalized look that we can all agree upon.

A “dad bod” is that of a regular looking guy who has a bit of a gut. He won’t make a magazine cover and he might have some paunch going on in his mid-section. But that doesn’t mean the guy can’t look good. Being able to dress well to hide those extra pounds is the key to dressing when you have dad bod.

Don’t Call Attention to Your Midsection

The goal of dressing with a dad bod is to call all attention away from your belly. Avoid things like horizontal stripes because they can actually emphasize the wideness and busy prints can do the same as well.

You also want to avoid brighter colors except for in your accessories – think caps, bags, and sneakers. Bright colors will draw attention to your more than ample midsection and that defeats the entire purpose of dressing with a dad bod.

How to Do T-Shirts and Jeans

Let’s face facts: most guys with dad bods are just that: dads. They are all about casual and comfortable because the rest of life is a whirlwind of work, responsibilities, family, and a whole lot of other things that they feel does not leave them time to put together a great outfit.

Shorts are a great thing for dad bods because they give length to the leg and provide a longer, slimmer look. Cargos, though, should be avoided at all costs. Don’t go with baggy basketball shorts or jorts either; stick with a look that is about an inch or so above the knee.

Tips for Dressing Above Casual

If you are looking to go above and beyond the t-shirt and jeans look and go for something dressier, go with stiffer fabrics, something that will hold its shape and won’t cling. Open button downs or canvas jackets can give you a good build without looking puffy, making you feel bigger without looking the part.

Heavier casual trousers like chinos, in a straight-fit, will help to not only slim down your legs but accentuate the length of your legs as well. The name of the game for dressing slimmer is to accentuate your length.

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