Style Suggestions for Making Men Look Taller

It always seems like tall men are in vogue, at least among the opposite sex. Girls are always talking about not wanting men that are below a certain height and that can be deflating for men that don’t hit that mark.

But there’s nothing to worry about, fellas. There are a number of different things that you can do to make yourself look a few inches taller and impress the gal that you have had your eyes on. And best of all, they will make you look even more stylish than ever.

Go Monochrome

While bright colors can definitely have their place and time, going with something more monochromatic can help to create the illusion of height. Stick to contrast shades instead of contrast colors as a whole and you will create a favorable appearance.

Not only that, the darker you can go the better, though you should avoid going all black as that can actually make you look a little bit shorter than you’d like. If you feel like you have to mix colors, keep the darker ones on the lower half of your body and the lighter colors on your upper half; this will create the effect of lengthening by drawing looks upward.

Blazers Are a Good Idea

Not only will a blazer or suit jacket look incredibly stylish and improve any look, it will help to build your shoulders and make them seem more stout. This, in turn, will make you look taller. And if you keep the jacket or blazer buttoned, it will give you a slim silhouette which will make your chest look even bigger and your waist smaller, which gives you the effect of looking slim and also longer.

If you are wearing a two-button jacket, make sure that the top button is above your navel. This will make your legs and torso look longer and going with a shorter cut will help to accomplish the same thing.

Don’t Go Baggy

There was once a time (and age) where baggy was in. It might still be the truth if you are in the under-20 age group, but it definitely does not look good, especially when you are shorter than average. Maximizing your leg line is the goal here and baggy pants don’t do that.

Wear your pants at your natural leg line and make sure that you go for a slimmer cut rise which will also make your legs look even longer.

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