The Benefits of Cut to Size Timber

If you’ve ever taken on a woodworking project with raw timber, you know just how much more complicated a simple project can become due to having to cut everything to size and get the wood into a useable shape.

However, there’s a way to skip all that and focus on the part of the project that is actually fun to do; it’s called cut to size timber, and it’s a life saver for any woodworker.

If you haven’t used cut to size timber, here are a few reasons you should reconsider and try it out, today.

1: Time Saved

If you just buy random boards from your favorite supplier, you’re going to have to spend hours, or even days on more complex projects, cutting each board down to size, and then cutting it into the shape you need for the project. That’s a ton of work before you even start putting anything together.

Cut-to-size timber eliminates that entire process. Therefore, you could talk to your local timber merchants about the dimensions you want, and see if they can cut it to size for you.

After that, all you have to do is start shaping the wood and putting it together.

2: Proper Cutting

Unless you’ve been woodworking for years, or you’re lucky enough to have extremely deep pockets, you’re unlikely to have every tool you need to make specific cuts with ease. This can force you to make do with tools that aren’t exactly ideal for the type of cuts you’re doing; such as using a little jigsaw to cut massive boards to length.

When you order cut-to-size timber, the supplier cuts the wood to size properly, with the right tools, and doesn’t have to worry about figuring out a way to get around a lack of equipment; this lets you focus your beginner’s budget on the detailing tools that will make the most difference rather than larger bulk-cutting tools.

3: Accurate Cuts

Finally, even the best woodworkers, with decades of experience, occasionally ruin a board by cutting it inaccurately. You might need a 12-foot board cut into equal 6-foot pieces, and accidentally cut it into a 5-foot and 7-foot pair. If you do that, you waste money, time, and effort.

However, when you order cut-to-size timber from a Perth pine timber supplier or a similar supplier that specializes in cut-to-size products, you get accurate products. It’s the supplier’s job to ensure the timber is cut according to your request. This prevents you from having to worry about wasting wood on something as simple as cutting it to size.

Start Your Woodworking Projects with Cut to Size Timber

Cut to size timber can save you time, prevent you from having to buy every tool possible right away, and protect you from making costly mistakes. Whether you’re just starting to get into woodworking, or you’ve been doing it for decades, cut to size timber can benefit your projects dramatically.

Don’t waste time or put your project at risk by ordering whatever random boards your supplier will send; order cut to size timber and watch your woodworking journey soar.

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