Top Tips for Re-Decorating Your Home

When you want to give your house a completely new and fresh look, a few tips should guide you through. Basically, the idea is to make your living space look better while hiding away any flaws. Let’s take a look at some tips on re-decorating your home.

  1. Pick a style

The style you choose should make you feel a certain way. Does it make you feel excited, comfortable, content, relaxed? Don’t be afraid to incorporate colors and patterns that you saw somewhere else and liked.

An excellent way is to think of that hotel room that you visited and though that everything appeared elegant and stylish. You can borrow some ideas and bring them into your home.

You can even think of a few keywords that best define what you want to achieve such as traditional, modern, elegant, streamlined or monochromatic.

  1. Take note of what you don’t like

One of the easiest things that you can do is to define what exactly you do not like and what you do not want to include in your living space. This can help you narrow down your choices.

Take for example a painting might take you back to your childhood days and remind you of something that you would rather forget. Of course, you will not include such a painting on your interior décor.

Or perhaps that stool reminds you off when you had to get punished for breaking it.

The color scheme works in the same ways. Certain colors evoke certain feelings. Perhaps you previously tried some interior décor only to find that the color didn’t work quite right. You will want to avoid this the next time.

  1. Utilize your space

Planning for the space is highly essential when redecorating your house. It is not surprising to find people using furniture that is simply too big for their small space or too small for their big space.

Use furniture that is able to strike the right balance. If you have a large room, you can select certain zones for certain activities.

For example, you can use one area for seating and having conversations while another area can be for entertainment and viewing television.

Symmetry is great but you can also find yourself dealing with a feeling contrived every time you get home. The best solution is to apply good proportions and scale.

  1. Try out the paint

Okay, so we know that colors will affect your mood.  However, the challenge now becomes choosing the right color for the rooms in your house.

A good trick is to sample the paints on your walls and find out which one appears best for the room. This method should also prevent you from creating disjointed rooms.

  1. Begin from the floor up

Most people who have made the choice to redecorate their homes find themselves wondering where to begin. Start from the floor and choose the right carpet or rag and work your way up from here.

This way everything you choose should integrate seamlessly with the next.

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