Victorian Era Decor Ideas

Isn’t it quite something how a brand new casino that comes into operation in this day and age manages to pull off a look of centuries gone by, like the Victorian Era? How do they do it?


Lighting is such a key element to creating your own Victorian inspired home, whether it’s candlelight, gas lights or even modern day indoor lighting. Lighting can help guide you and direct attention to important objects and designs throughout your home.

Want to make lighting cool again? Here’s how…

Design Considerations

Open House Windows:

One of the biggest trends in modern-day interior design is open windows and windowsills. Giving the illusion that your home is larger and grander than it actually is. Open windows are great because they allow light and air to come inside your home and allow for a cleaner look. Open your curtains and front doors every day, particularly during summer.

Although keep in mind that to enjoy the full benefit of open windows, you would need to place them strategically. Since this can be hard to do for someone with little idea of the technicalities of interior design, reaching out to an interior designer like Helen Coulston (or professionals similar to her) for proper placement of your windows might be of help.

Small Dining Room:

Another great trend in Victorian interior design is small dining rooms. Living rooms were the center of the home and therefore were used to sit and talk to family and friends. The dining room was used to eat and entertain guests.

Many modern-day interior designers are ditching the traditional dining room for smaller tables that sit in the middle of a room with overhead pendant lights. Further, you can order bespoke dining table handmade in the UK (or elsewhere) in a small or medium size to have more space for ease of movement. This small table provides the space to hold smaller meals and formal parties as well as make the room look lavish and minimal (sounds about a right addition, doesn’t it?)

A Rustic Dining Table can also be a great choice for your dining room. With its sturdy construction, intricate detailing, and rich wooden textures, it can transport you back to the Victorian era, reminiscent of the opulent dining experiences of that time.

That said, if you have a small dining room, consider combining the dining room and the living room to create a unique and cozy space.

Vintage Pendants

Thoughtful and vibrant vintage pendants make for a gorgeous and unexpected focal point in a room. They can be paired with a Victorian styled chair to instantly give the room a much-needed vintage feel. These pendants are also great for darker rooms that need more light. Try hanging vintage pendant lights on either side of a high table.


Thanks to Pinterest, flannels are one of the hottest trends in modern day decorating. They can make the bedroom, office, nursery and even the kitchen. Flannels can help your space feel chic and fresh. If you have flannels or other types of fabrics, make sure to use them well.

Use flannels to cover tabletops, upholstery, and small furniture pieces. It’s amazing how some fabric can make a space feel fresh and new. Another great way to use flannels is to line up flannels on all of your furniture and give them an accent. Use one to line up small tables, such as the ones below. Use upholstery flannels to line up small beds. For example, I love the upholstery flannel sheets from Kimberly Clark, which I purchased when we moved into our current home. They’re super affordable and come in both light and dark colours. For lighter bedding, you could use one upholstery fabric on top of the bedding, such as a light coloured duvet cover.

Modern Glass Mirror

Mirrors are such an important element to the interior of a home. Whether it’s adding decorative mirrors on your shelves or checking the room from behind, mirrors help create the illusion of larger spaces.

Why is a modern glass mirror so special? It gives you a quick view of a part of your space that you might not otherwise see.

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