What is Oak Timber Used for?

Oak timber has a lot of things going for it. It’s relatively inexpensive, which is a major bonus nowadays, it’s strong, and while it can have its quirks, it’s pretty easy to work with.

However, since it’s not one of the fancy woods that people usually think about when woodworking, you might not have a good idea of what it’s actually good for.

Today, we want to help you with that. We’ll go over the top things oak timber is used for, and you might decide to hit up any oak timber for sale when you find it next time.

Top Projects for Oak Timber

Oak comes in a number of specific species, and each one tends to differ in color or certain traits by a small margin. However, the following uses for oak are pretty much universal across the entire genus of wood.

Commercial Products:

Products designed to be used in a work setting, such as pallets, wood shelving, and handles for certain tools, tend to be made from oak. Since oak is fairly affordable, but still a high-performing wood, it matches the needs of a company putting function over form perfectly.


While not as luxurious as Sapele or Teak, Oak can make some astonishing furniture. It has a great-looking grain, can hold a heavy load, and doesn’t deteriorate easily. It also works great with a number of stains; so, you’re not stuck with its lighter appearance.


Oak is commonly used for cabinetry for the same reasons it’s used for furniture. It’s affordable, but it’s still reliable and looks great.

Oak can easily carry the average load of kitchen cabinets and other normal household cabinets if the right woodworking methods are used. Besides, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to remodel a kitchen’s cabinetry with oak when the help right kind of contractors (such as those found on https://houstonkitchenrenovators.com/, for an instance) are enlisted.


Oak flooring is one of the more affordable wood flooring options. It’s also very durable against scratches, dings, and gouges. So, you can expect your wood flooring to last decades as long as you’re not overly abusive to it.


If you’re not into large-scale woodworking projects, but you do have a creative mind, whittling is a great hobby, and oak is a fairly decent wood for it. Especially if you’re looking to craft pieces that will last an exceptionally long time.

However, be warned, Oak can be more difficult to cut due to its hardness. If you’re brand-new to whittling, you should try basswood first.

Fence Posts and Fencing:

Most privacy fences, farm fence posts, and other wooden fencing structures are made from oak. This is because, while more expensive than popular or other budget-friendly woods, one of the advantages of using timber is that they last an exceptionally long time without much care. That’s key if you’re trying to build a large fence that you don’t want to maintain every month.

What Woodworkers Should Use Oak?

Any woodworker can find a use for Oak, but it’s one of those woods that is usually better in the hands of intermediate woodworkers. It can be hard to cut with hand tools, and it has some odd grain patterns that can create problems for beginners. However, it’s nothing someone with a few complex projects under their belt can’t handle.

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